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If you moving a vertical Piano, nothing needs to be secured on the inside of the Piano. The same goes for the internal parts of the grand Piano. No matter how short or long or long the distance you move a Piano, there are certain precautions one should take.

We are professional Piano movers in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. Miami Beach Movers move up right Piano, baby grand and grand Piano within Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Safety is the first consideration. A Piano is a heavy, unwieldy object. Even if the Piano is short spinet instead of a tall upright, it is top-heavy and it could easily tip over. The casters (wheels) underneath may be rusty, clogged with a foreign object, or swung in the wrong direction, preventing the Piano from rolling easily. Lifting one end of the Piano should be done carefully, keeping in mind some of the basic rules which apply to lifting any heavy object. The protruding and sometimes delicate exterior parts-legs, pedals, and music desks should be protected against damage. A Grand Piano requires more care to avoid putting stress on the Piano legs when moving-it is best to have enough people to "surround" the Piano and lift it slightly as it is moved.

Likewise, the floor should be protected against damage from dragging a "locked" caster or gouging by anything which might be protruding from the bottom of the Piano Clear all potential obstacles out of the way, including throw rugs and objects which might have ended up hidden under the Piano. Try not to lift one end of the Piano any more than is absolutely is necessary, because the strain applied to the structure of the instrument can cause enough twisting or bending to knock sections of the Piano out of tune. If it is necessary to move the Piano up or down a step or two, have plenty of help. If there are more than a couple of steps to negotiate, get a professional to do the job, even if it is only within the house. Once the Piano has been relocated, it is a good idea to use caster cups (the best are available from your technician) under the casters to protect the floor or carpet.

Hiring a Mover in Miami Florida

Moving a Piano from one building to another, across town, or long distance - The best advice is to have it done professionally. That is, by professionals who know how to move Pianos. WARNING!!! Unless the movers are specially trained and experienced in moving Pianos, DON'T EXPECT THE Piano TO ARRIVE SAFELY. Take extra precautions to ensure its safety. Hire a professional Piano mover to handle your Piano move in Miami Florida.

You may want your piano moved either for a concert or because you are moving to a new residence. It is not prudent to entrust the job to an ordinary mover. Moving a piano is an expert operation. The supervisor and the workers attending to the task must have experience in similar assignments and a good understanding of pianos. You can easily locate such expert movers in Miami Florida who undertake nationwide transfers. They are on call always.

Pianos differ in value, quality and age. Different methods may have to be used for each type. Proper packaging and fixing firmly in the transportation vehicle are of critical importance. They should be totally protected from shocks and jerks. For this, apart from air-ride suspension trucks, blanket wrapping and special boards are used. Some instruments have to be dismantled before packing and reassembled at destination. Expertise is essential for this procedure.

It would be wise to ask the mover for details of comparable jobs he has done in the past, and also for references. Insurance arrangements also should be ascertained. Various factors are considered while structuring the price. Distance involved is one. The type of piano is another. Even the number of steps and the kind of flooring may be considered.

A genuine piano mover would be as much concerned about your piano's safety as you are. Miami Beach Movers are expert Piano Movers. As a professional piano moving company in Miami Fl we believe that successful piano move that experienced and correctly trained piano moving experts execute the move. Miami Beach Movers will move your baby grand or concert piano within the same building or to a destination far away from Miami Beach Florida.


Piano Care Information From Miami Beach Movers

Avoid Windows:

Try not to place the piano near a window. Its cabinet is made of wood and must be protected against direct sunlight, humidity and sudden changes in temperature. Windows, which open on the out-of-doors, offer the least protection. If you must place the piano near a window, use a heavy curtain over the window for protection.

Avoid Heat:

Keep the piano away from sources of heat such as radiators or hot air registers. They may damage the finish and internal parts causing tone and balance to deteriorate. Make sure that no radiant heat or hot air draft strikes the piano directly.

Proper Conditioning For Proper Sound:

Pianos work and sound best when the temperature and humidity are right. Proper ventilation is also important. Generally speaking, a relative humidity between 50 and 60 percent is ideal for pianos.

How Humidity Affects A Piano:

Felt, cloth, leather and precision wood parts, some of them machined to tolerances as fine as 1/100mm, used in such critical parts of the piano as the action, are extremely sensitive to humidity. Too much humidity will result in dull hammer action, unclear tone, rusting internal parts and sticking keys.

Beware Of Excessive Dryness:

Too much humidity is a problem, but excessive dryness is an even more serious one, especially where heating and cooling systems are used to create artificially de-humidified rooms. Used in naturally dry climates, the piano has enough natural moisture to prevent excessive drying. However, if the air becomes too dry the wood and felt components will shrink. In extreme cases, the soundboard, joints and other laminated sections may even come apart. Slight distortion of the parts may cause noise, and the tuning pins may work loose, making it difficult to keep the piano in tune. To avoid excessive dryness it is best to keep some kind of leafy plant as a humidifier in the piano room.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes:

When a cold room is warmed suddenly, moisture will condense on the piano strings and other metal parts, causing rust to form. Felt parts will absorb moisture, dulling their action and resulting in unclear sound. Try to place the piano against an interior wall rather than an exterior wall. Outside temperature changes are not as severe next to interior walls.

Put Your Piano Where It Will Sound Best:

The piano should be placed in a room where the sound will be evenly distributed. A room where all the sound gathers in one spot will produce sound lag and echoes. The best room for your piano is one, which its sound will reverberate to produce pleasant, full-bodied tones without harsh echoes.

Avoid Placing Objects On Top Of The Piano:

A heavy object may cause poor tone or noisy vibrations if placed on a piano. A vase of flowers may look attractive on the piano, but if it should spill and water enters the piano, serious damage can result.

Avoid Placing Or Spilling Objects On Top Of The Piano:

Plastic products (Except Polyethylene)
Vinyl products
Anything containing Alcohol
Liquids such as cosmetics, insecticides, any kind of Aerosol, paint thinner or petroleum-based products.

Do Not Allow The Piano To Become Dusty:

Dust can dull the hammer action and cause noise. Dust the piano frequently with a soft cloth or feather duster.

Keep The Keyboard Clean:

The keyboard should be wiped periodically with a soft, dry cloth. Never use cleaners containing alcohol, as the keys will crack. If the keyboard is very dirty, wipe it with a cloth dipped in a solution of soap and water and wrung out well. The same cloth should not be used for cleaning the surface of the piano.

Always Cover The Keyboard When Not In Use:

Covering the keyboard helps to decrease the chances of loose items falling between the keys and causing them to stick. It will also help to keep dust from entering under the keys, causing a dull action.

Keep Your Piano Properly Tuned And Adjusted:

We at Miami Beach Piano Movers would like you to receive the maximum enjoyment, usage and life from your piano. Miami Beach Piano Movers suggest you contact a local tuner/technician for proper service and maintenance.

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